Mommy and Me, Creative Movement Classes

California Riverside Ballet is now offering Mommy and Me Class and Creative Movement Class.

Mommy and Me 

This ballet themed class provides mothers and their young children, ages 2-3 to engage in a fun and joyous time together. Both child and parent learns how to move and dance with music with basic ballet themed steps while enjoying music and dance together. This is a great stepping stone for both to possibly continue on to other ballet classes provided for both children and adults. Daddy’s welcome. 

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Creative Movement

This class is wonderful for young children ages 3 to 4 years old. It provides a simple and fun learning of dance. “Spins”, “jumps” , simple ballet poses, rhythm, musicality and coordination are introduced in this class preparing these children for the ballet structure of older and higher levels later on. “Free Dance” and “Freeze Dance” are a very important part of this class. Free Dance gives the child freedom to move, dance, and express themselves. Freeze Dance is the same with addition to having fun stopping and starting with the music!

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