Julia Olsen-Rodriguez, Artistic Director

Julia Olsen-Rodriguez named Artistic Director for California Riverside Ballet. 
Julia Olsen-Rodriguez is also founding Artistic Director and Principal dancer of San Gorgonio Ballet, a professional Ballet Company and Ballet School established in 2003. Ms. Olsen-Rodriguez received her training from many of the finest teachers, John Magnus, Charles Maple, Zelma Bustillo, Dorothy Lister, Francesca Corkle, Eli Lazar, Luis Fuentes, Stanley Holden, Clifford Breland, Maria Vegh, and Mario Nugara.
As a student, she received full merit scholarships studying with the elite Joffrey Ballet School Trainee Program. She was selected by Edith D’Addario Director of the Joffrey Ballet School as recipient of The Gaynor Minden Scholarship in 1999.
Ms. Olsen-Rodriguez is twice recipient of First Place honors in the category of Pas de Deux and High Point Overall at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix.
Professionally, her first work was at the age of fifteen as a soloist in Cinderella. She has since performed with many companies such as Theatre Bethune, American Ballet Theatre, Inland Pacific Ballet, Redlands Festival Ballet, Palm Springs Ballet, California
Riverside Ballet, and Bre Dance Theatre. She is a member of City of Angels Ballet. Noted for her superb technique, delicate grace, and elegant expression she has danced many principal roles in many well known Ballets.
As a choreographer, she has staged and choreographed several full length classics,original ballets and modern ballets. Her most cherished work being “Remember Charlie, A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin”, a full Length ballet premiering in 2007 with the consent and blessing of the Chaplin Family and Roy Export.
As an instructor, she teaches at Hoffer Elementary School, providing classical training and performing arts awareness to children of the Pass area. She was hand selected by Mario Nugara, Director of City of Angels Ballet in Los Angeles and at the time Director of California Riverside Ballet to be the Principal Ballet Instructor for California Riverside Ballet. 
She very much enjoys teaching youth, sharing with them the education, strength and injury prevention, confidence and love that the art of classical dance provides.