Adult Dance Classes

California Riverside Ballet is now offering three Adult dance classes. Develop muscle, tone, strength, and flexibility while learning the basic movements of classical ballet. Chose from Ballet Technique, Stretch & Strength, or Classical Cardio. Classes will be offered at Orange Terrace Community Center.

These weekly training routines condition your body by developing and retaining muscle tone, flexibility, balance, stamina and breathing endurance. This is a wonderful workout that also provides everyone with the joy of dance.

These classes can be taken separately, but it is highly recommended to enroll in the entire program.

Adult Beginning Ballet Technique Class

This class is designed for beginning adults with little to no previous training. The very basics of a technique class are taught such as body placement, proper posture, positions, connecting steps, jumps, and terminology, all skills necessary to executing basic and later on, advanced movements. This class consists of Barre, Centre and Across the Floor.  This class does not require previous dance training.

Tuition $45 per term. Terms consist of one class per week for four weeks.

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Stretch and Strength Class

This class is structured towards providing additional training and development of strength and flexibility that anyone can benefit from. It begins with floor and standing exercises focusing on all individual areas of the body then moves on to stretches focusing on all the same areas of the body. This class does not require previous dance training. 

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Ballet Cardio

This class begins with a short series of warming and loosening movements, moving on to a continuous Ballet Barre, Centre, and Across the Floor work. It finishes with stretches and a cool down. Burning calories, developing and retaining muscle strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, and balance are just a few of the benefits. Open to women and men, all exercises consist of traditional ballet movements providing a workout that conditions and tones the body while experiencing the joy of music and dancing. This class does not require previous dance training. 

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Visit the Cesar Chavez or Orange Terrace Community Center to sign up!

Orange Terrace Community Center, 20010 Orange Terrace Pkwy, Riverside, Ca

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