Night Gallery Artists

Meet the 2016 Night Gallery Black & White Ball Artists

Michael J. Elderman
Michael J. Elderman was born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, and moved to Riverside to attend UCR in 1966 after receiving his M.A. in English/American Literature from Syracuse University. After finishing coursework for his Ph.D in American Literature, he worked at UCR as a scientific editor/technical writer and, later, for University Extension’s publications department. More important, he started his photography business in 1978 with a colleague at UCR, and went out on his own in 1985. He continues to do commercial and event photography, including his annual Riverside calendar, and has become well-known in the community as “The Eyes of Riverside.” He has also been a fine-art photographer, with his first exhibit also coming in 1978. His work has been shown at the Riverside Art Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, Division 9, The Inland Empire Gallery, the National Orange Show, UC Riverside, Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Garden Pier Photography Gallery in Atlantic City, and at the University of Kentucky, Western Washington State University, and the California Museum of Photography. His piece in this exhibit/auction is from an ongoing series entitled “Urban Dance Riverside.”

Silvia Pangaro
Silvia Pangaro started her journey in fine art photography. She always felt that there was something special about capturing an image that can transport you back to that special place or moment in time when the photograph was captured, ensuring that moment is timeless. Silvia soon discovered fashion and portrait photography and immediately felt inspired by this new challenge… capturing the soul of her subjects in creative and memorable settings. She studied posing techniques, composition and skin retouching from numerous instructors ultimately creating her own style of photography. In November 2012 she was invited to participate in an exhibit for the United Nations in Switzerland entitled “Mujeres Andinas, Women of the Andes” organized by artist Paulina Burke, owner of Artemis Gallery in Switzerland. Silvia also exhibited her work at the Artemis Gallery, and her work has been featured in magazines such as South Florida Opulence Magazine. Known for her artistry in creating memorable imagery in unique and creative settings, her photography is a popular choice for musician CD launches. Silvia is also in demand in the dance world for her fantasy-like photography and is currently the official photographer for the Boca Ballet Theater. She is also a makeup artist graduated from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Florida.

Rachel Haigh
A graduate of the Art Institute of California Inland Empire with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, Rachel has volunteered for San Bernardino County PERC in their Human Services department doing graphic design and social networking. “My focus at school was 3D character animation but I prefer painting digitally. One of my pieces was entered in a local art gallery where it won an award and was sold. I have skills in animation in Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya, painting in Adobe Photoshop, modeling in Autodesk Maya and graphic design in Adobe Illustrator.”

Allison Wood
Allison Wood is currently a senior at Riverside Poly High School. She has always had a love for art, but only recently has begun to seriously pursue it. She hopes to major in biology, while continuing to draw and paint in her future.

I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life. Art is a love that started from a young age because of my mother’s interest in it and it has blossomed from there. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I finally have been able to take a formal art class. Only now have I begun to pursue art passionately.
Throughout the years, I have come to realize my love for pieces that contain mostly black and white. The simplicity captivates me in how much emotion can be shown even without color. While my piece, “Beginning to End” was completed using only black markers, I personally love working with charcoal and experimenting with shading.

Ruby Miranda
Ruby Miranda is currently a senior at Poly High School and is enrolled in advanced art design. Creative and inspiring projects have peaked her interest and inspired her to continue making various types of art. She hopes to continue making art that others can enjoy as this is truly her love.

I spent most of my life believing that I couldn’t be an artist because the only thing I could draw were stick figures. That was until I took an art class at Poly High School. Art has allowed me to explore by creative side without limiting me to pencil and paper. There are so many forms of art and in creating “Ribbon Dancer”, I hoped to show the intricate and stunning art of ballet. I would like to have others see that art is not limited to pencil and paper. I create art because it is a universal language that anyone can speak.

Hayley Medina
Hayley Medina is a junior at Riverside Poly High School. Using her natural talent, she is currently in the process of finding her voice through art. Hayley’s future plans include becoming a special education teacher while continuing to create art.

As a person who struggles with severe anxiety and depression on a daily basis, I find it hard to speak my mind. I crave to be heard and thanks to my art, I am able to express myself to the fullest extent without fear. When I created “Simplicity”, I wanted to show the calming effect art has on me. When I am in my element creating art, everyone and everything seems to disappear. Art is my escape.

Alexandra Cancino
Alexandra Cancino was born in Hemet, California. She instantly took an interest in art when she saw her brother and sisters drawing. She moved a lot when she was young. Alexandra got really into drawing during her freshman year of high school. She loves to draw flowers, eyes, and koi fish. Alexandra hopes to pursue art in college.

For the piece created for the CRB show, I really wanted to show the elegance koi fish have. I love to exaggerate their whiskers as I think it really shows off their beauty. Drawing and painting koi fish make me feel calm and I want the viewer to experience that calmness.

Trinity Dzvonick
Having started creating art at a young age, Trinity Dvonick was always influenced by her family. They supported her in her passion to pursue art. She is currently a junior at Poly High School and is taking advanced art. Trinity will continue pursuing art in the future.

All my life I have been inspired by art. It is the way that I express my emotions. I am especially fond of capturing the passion and beauty of dance and my piece expresses that emotion. When I was little, all I wanted to do was to make my grandmother smile. I would create beautiful works of art and give the pieces to my grandmother to make her smile. I loved seeing the joy that my art brought to my grandmother. I am honored that my piece was selected for the auction.

Ailyn Chavez
Ailyn Chavez is a student at Poly High School. She is enrolled in both advanced art design and advanced ceramics. She is passionate about creating art and puts a lot of hard work into her pieces.

Believe. Ever since I was little, my grandmother would tell me, “Always believe in yourself because you can achieve anything you want in life if you only believe in yourself.” When she was ill, I loved to draw her pictures to brighten her day.
.In my art piece titled “En Pointe”, it shows a ballerina practicing her lessons. She is just gliding away with the music. I love art because I always love how happy I can make people feel when giving them a piece I created. Art is what helps me escape from the world’s problems

Julia Valdez
Julia Valdez is a senior at Riverside Poly High School. In addition to pursuing her artistic endeavors, Julia is on the x-country/track team. She is interested in continuing to study art in college.

Even though I have been drawing and doodling since I was a kid, it seems that only recently I have been taking more time to improve my skill. Through a series of high school art classes and practicing in my free time, I have grown a lot as an artist. Over the last four years, my style of art has become more defined. For the most part, my art tends to be more abstract and usually features some type of vivid color contrast. Likewise, my art regularly features the human form in some way because of the imperfect perfection that is the diversity of our bodies.

My featured piece, “Internal Orchestra” was inspired by a beautiful black and white photograph of a ballerina who was in the middle of performing an attitude pose. Her dance, even though it is a still photograph, had so much raw power that you could almost feel the music moving through her. Thus came the idea for my piece. The silhouette featured was cut from sheet music, while the background is a combination of acrylic and pastel in order to achieve an almost ghostly feel.
I am extremely honored to have my piece featured in the California Riverside Ballet’s auction. I am excited to be supporting the ballet’s outreach program.

Andre Pace
As an artist and poet Andre Pace’s art is a series of contemporary and abstract works based in the styles of French oils painting and American soft pastels on paper. His favorite colors in some of his works are plum reds and smooth blacks with an edge handle on the artist brush. Andre Pace studies in Lower Manhattan 26 st., for drawing & etching, small classes of great people. He also attended classes in dialogue and character builders for writers of which he uses in his works both literal and painting.














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